NMSCNational Merit Scholarship Corporation
NMSCNon-Melanoma Skin Cancer
NMSCNational Marine Safety Committee (Australia)
NMSCNew Mexico Supreme Court (Santa Fe, NM)
NMSCNational Main Street Center
NMSCNon-Metallic Sheathed Cable
NMSCNavy-Marine Corps Spectrum Center (US DoD)
NMSCNational Middle School Conference
NMSCNational Memory Systems Corporation
NMSCNewport Mesa Soccer Club (California)
NMSCNerve and Muscle Stimulating Current (therapy)
NMSCNetwork Management Systems Certification
NMSCNetwork Minimal Subset Cut
NMSCNational Marketing & Sales Company
NMSCNational Compliance Management Service, Inc. (contract monitoring; Hutchinson, KS)
NMSCNon-Motile Sperm Count
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While National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines suggest that the standard of care in treatment of NMSC is Mohs surgery, several considerations can make eBx with the Xoft System an important option to achieve positive results for many patients.
The sample size provided 90% power to detect a 33% difference in NMSC rates.
However, patients with NMSC also have been shown to wear more sunscreen and limit their sun exposure after diagnosis, which might lower their vitamin D levels and increase their fracture risk, he noted (Cancer Causes Control 2012;23:133-40).
Michelson said that it is the only company generating level 1 clinical evidence of the value of optical coherence tomography in the diagnosis of NMSC with interim data 'very promising'.
Even in Australia, which has the highest rates of skin cancer in the world and where an estimated 34,000 NMSCs per year may be caused by occupational exposure, comprehensive estimates of the number of workers exposed are unavailable.
Ninety NMSC patients recruited from an arsenic-endemic region of Mexico were evaluated for the serological presence of HPV-l6-reactive antibodies (Rosales-Castillo et al.
During that time, there was a 16% increase in procedures for NMSCs in the Medicare population.
NMSC renders cable TV, broadband Internet access and fixed-line telecoms services under the CityHomeNet trademark in the Novosibirsk region.
samples of young people available to him at NMSC, early critics of his
There are two chapters on retinoid therapy in cancer: one on cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (10); and the other on skin cancer generally (in fact non-melanoma skin cancer, NMSC, chapter 12).
mtDNA from four NMSC patients with known nucleotide changes previously identified by sequencing was screened by TGCE.
The risk of NMSC increases with a personal history of NMSC, older age, light eyes, skin, or hair, the poor ability to tan, and significant cumulative lifetime sun exposure.