NMSHTDNew Mexico State Highway & Transportation Department
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The governor and the department secretary have empowered the NMSHTD, in conjunction with industry and the other partners, to use the entire state highway system, which spans several climatic zones, as a test bed for research objectives.
Meadow Valley expects to receive payment from NMSHTD in the current quarter.
In August 2002, the NMSHTD district engineer issued a determination that Meadow Valley was owed approximately $1.
Additionally, the NMSHTD, in cooperation with the Alliance for Transportation Research (ATR) and New Mexico State University, developed a prototype Directional Traffic Sensor System that has been in use since 1998 on the southbound exits of 1-25 at Mont-gomery Avenue in Albuquerque, NM.
NMSHTD operates a fleet of approximately 5,000 vehicles and operators would like to see the devices applied universally.
A public service announcement that was prepared by NMSHTD about Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day was aired on local television stations.
According to the NMSHTD, operator response from the 16-week trial was highly favorable.