NMSINational Museum of Science and Industry (London, UK)
NMSINew Mission Systems International (Fort Myers, FL)
NMSINational Mobile Station Identity
NMSINorthern Merchant Services, Inc. (also seen as NMS; Brasher Falls, NY)
NMSINebraska Math and Science Initiative (education)
NMSINeighborhood Main Street Initiative (various locations)
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NMSI received its first i3 award, a nearly $15 million "Validation grant," in 2011 to support regional expansion of the College Readiness Program in Colorado and Indiana and to further establish the program's effectiveness at increasing student achievement.
uk For information on the NMSI, please contact Nicola Tomlinson on +44(0)20-7942-4009/Nicola.
We are grateful to him for his ongoing leadership and commitment to NMSI and to the U.
Proving its worth, the grant has led both schools to tremendous success, scoring among the top schools in the state and holding the largest percentages of improvement as a result of the grant and the extra help afforded by NMSI.
The administrators and participating teachers at North High and Marlboro deserve credit for going ahead with participation in the NMSI program, particularly in light of opposition from Worcester and statewide teachers' unions to a provision of the program that provides stipends for teachers whose students achieve qualifying scores on the AP exams.
Sara came to NMSI at a crucial transition point and positioned it for increased scalability.
APTIP is equipping our students from military families to compete on the global stage," said Gregg Fleisher, the National Director of APTIP for NMSI.
The HHMI grant was awarded to NMSI in 2013 to support expansion of the UTeach program to 10 research universities.
In fact, based on Dallas ISD's work with NMSI, a minority student in Dallas is more than twice as likely to earn a qualifying score on an AP math or science exam than in any other large urban school district in the country.
Teachers producing outstanding results during the 2011-2012 school year were invited to apply for the competition by organizations administering the NMSI grant program in their states.