NMSPNational Marine Sanctuary Program
NMSPNew Mon State Party (Burma)
NMSPNanoscale Materials Stewardship Program (est. 2008; US EPA)
NMSPNew Mexico State Police
NMSPNational Movement for Stability and Progress (Bulgaria)
NMSPNie Moglem Sie Powstrzymac (Poland)
NMSPNetwork Management Statistics Process
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Joining the NMSP and offering our assistance and contribution is the right thing to do.
Speaking to Bulgarian National Television, the socialist party's Nikolai Malinov said that his personal opinion was that if Kouneva was officially labelled a candidate for the NMSP, it would be "very complicated" for the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) to support her.
products, only 29 have signed up for the basic NMSP program, reporting
encouragement, the G8 launched a major new international radiological security initiative involving many of the tasks performed domestically by the OSR Project and the NMSP.
PPG will participate in the NMSP basic program and voluntarily report available information on engineered nanoscale materials it manufactures, imports or uses.
When NMSP delegates gathered at Sofia's National Palace of Culture on November 28 at the party's fifth special congress, they had to formally approve the withdrawal of the party's founder and patron, Bulgaria's former monarch and former prime minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg (72).
Saxe-Coburg resigned as party leader, which made some analysts say that the project called NMSP was about to be shut down after eight years in politics.
In another declaration, NMSP has said that athe governmentas political life is over,a urging it to resign and calling for early elections.
While the NMSP described Kouneva as a "national asset" and while she has rated highly in domestic opinion polls and was named "Commissioner of the Year" in 2008, none of this has signified much for Borissov, who fired a parting shot at the previous government by saying that Kouneva had remained silent about its failings.
In comparison, during the first month of its term, the Cabinet of former Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, and his Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party, GERB, had 20% disapproval and 51% approval; the one of the leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, Sergey Stanishev a 29% and 50% respectively; the one of the former Tsar and Prime Minister, Simeon Saxe-Coburg and his National Movement for Stability and Prosperity, NMSP a 11% and 54%, and the one of Ivan Kostov and the right-wing Democrats for Strong Bulgaria a 24% and 60%.
When the NMSP was part of the executive, however, prosecutors had little or no success charging, let alone successfully prosecuting, Ministry officials.