NMUNNational Model United Nations
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At NMUN, we were representing the Marshall Islands this year, and each of them was in a different GA.
At NMUN, they were presented with the distinguished delegation award, granted to the top 20 delegations at the conference.
Focal person of NMUN Pashmeena Mughal said the MUN (Model United Nations) was the format of General Assembly platform with multiple committees to discuss and debate different world issues followed by their proposed resolutions.
Next year, Bahrain plans to hold the NMUN Middle East conference, a partnership between Bahrain University and NMUN, in November and attract budding diplomats from all over the world.
A group of students from the kingdom have also applied to attend the annual NMUN conference in New York that brings together more than 4,000 global student delegates in April.
If we pass this assessment, our programme will be officially affiliated with the NMUN," she said.