NMUSNational Medicines Use Survey (Malaysia Ministry of Health)
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To identify the most important useful species in each ecoregion, the Relative Importance (RI) index was calculated: RI=NMUS+NT, where NMUS = number of medicinal use subcategories in which a given species is used, divided by the total number of medicinal use subcategories of the most versatile species; NT = number of total diseases and ailments in which the cited species is found, divided by the total number of diseases and ailments that the most versatile species obtained (Bennett & Prance, 2000; Albuquerque et al.
Until such time, the company's common stock will continue to trade under the symbol NMUS on the Nasdaq SmallCap Market.
Nasdaq: NMUS, formerly COMT) today announced significant progress in leveraging the strengths and reducing the operating expenses of the combined operations of Net4Music S.