NMVNon-Motorized Vehicle
NMVNetwork Managed Volumes (ISCSI configurations)
NMVNon-Invasive Mechanical Ventilation
NMVNo More Voices (band)
NMVNeed Mechanical Ventilation (patient care)
NMVNew Mountain Vantage Advisers, LLC (New York, NY)
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A Markov simulation cycle was then developed to estimate costs and pregnancy rates, as well as to evaluate each type of procedure (NMV, NMV and PE).
3) Both CBG and NMV tests are complementary because they can indicate the need to maintain crop mixes to improve dietary diversity as shown by the findings.
rex, which lived about 70 million years ago at the end of Cretaceous period, NMV P186069 lived earlier during the Cretaceous, around 110 million years ago.
The DMG MORI Manufacturing Suite-NC Simulation software can now simulate the NTX, NT, NMV, NMH, NH, NVX and NLX series of machines.
The roads are also shared by NMVs such as bicycles, rickshaws, hand and animal- drawn carts.
The aim to create car-free zone and also to promote NMV mode of transport within city to build bridges between the prosperous sections of society in the city and the less well-off," said Sethi.
By repurchasing shares below NMV, we would be, in essence, purchasing physical indium at a substantial discount to the current spot market price.
NMV is focused on the emerging home theater and digital distribution/production industries that are expanding rapidly.
We use the term NMV when we discuss the value of our indium holdings.
Under this arrangement, NMV will provide Subversive with complete national distribution, advertising and promotion, and replication of their library as well as assist in the acquisition of more DVD titles.
In addition to post processors for the Mori Seiki NZ series, NT series, NL series, ZL series, DL series, SL series, ZT series, GibbsCAM post processors for Mori Seiki's NMV series of 5-Axis machine tools are also available.