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NMVOCNon-Methane Volatile Organic Compound
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In Slovakia and Estonia NMVOC emissions also were by almost 20% lower in 2012 comparing to 2004.
x], PM and NMVOC are important local pollutants that participate also as ozone precursors affecting the global atmospheric chemistry.
Because of gaps in terms of data reported by the EU-15 and EU-12, the trend has been calculated only for NOx, CO, NMVOCs, SOx and NH3 (Figure 2 and Figure 3).
6] MWh Megawatt hour NMVOC Non-methane volatile organic compounds [N.
Open Competition: Open competition in electronic form on the right to sign the agreement to perform works on the project: Overlap primary clarifiers NMVOC (program to remove odors) D54 1,2,3,4,6,7,8
The emissions will include aerosol, NOx, NH3, SO2, DMS/OCS, NMVOCs, CO, CH4, N2O, CO2, certain halogen species and Radon-222.
A su vez, dentro del sector transporte la tecnologia del vehiculo y el tipo de combustible determina las fuentes principales de emision: mientras los vehiculos antiguos a gasolina son los principales emisores de CO y de NMVOCs, los camiones que circulan por la ciudad son los responsables de las emisiones de material particulado, seguidos por los autobuses.
Pollutants like NOx and NMVOCs (non-methane volatile organic carbon) react in the presence of sunlight to produce Ozone at ground levels which is not only injurious to human health but also could do serious damage to the agricultural yields.
UK CO emissions have tumbled by 76%, NMVOCs by 64%, nitrogen oxides by 46%, sulphur dioxide by 84%, ammonia by 21% and lead by 98%.
Another pollutant projected to fall in scale is NMVOCs (non-methane volatile organic compounds), which should fall by 45% across the EU by 2030 to 5.
Since 1990, there have been decreases of 13 per cent for ammonia, 46 per cent for PM10, 65 per cent for NMVOCs, 69 per cent for nitrogen oxides, 75 per cent for carbon monoxide, 90 per cent for sulphur dioxide and 98 per cent for lead.