NNASNational Navigation Award Scheme (UK)
NNASNational Nursing Assistant Survey (US DHHS)
NNASNorthern Neck Audubon Society (Kilmarnock, VA)
NNASNeonatal Narcotic Abstinence Syndrome
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Meanwhile, inconsistent answers from the NNAS, whether through its online dashboard or actual agent, exacerbate their frustration, Acosta said.
Two months before his account expired, Jay Ong, 30 years old, checked his status online via the NNAS website.
This status changed quickly the following day when her NNAS advisory report was no longer available online.
The group is seeking to know the criteria that support this decision-making, complaining that the lack of transparency from the NNAS has created frustration among IENs.
For the NNAS, Cheng said that the assessment of each applicant's education is done in terms of comparability to the Canadian national entry-to-practice competencies and sample nursing curricula, an approach that enables the body to perform evaluations in a comprehensive manner.
Now, the NNAS took over the initial phase of registration for the regulatory bodies, which covers the first four of the ten steps IENs have to go through before becoming a practicing nurse in Canada.
In its three-year plan, the NNAS has instructed its 21 regulatory members to undertake an environmental scan of their practices to identify points for further harmonization of IEN registration over the next three years.