NNATNaglieri Nonverbal Ability Test
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According to Pearson, the NNAT may be used to evaluate:
Learn more about the second edition of the NNAT at www.
In terms of reliability, the standard error of measurement for CogAT-N is about the same as for the much longer Raven but half the size of the SEM for the NNAT.
5 IQ-like points lower on the Raven, CogAT Nonverbal, and NNAT than their Hispanic non-ELL classmates who were also eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.
3 cysteine) proteinase inhibitor, clade I (neuroserpin), member 1 NNAT Neuronatin 4826 Hs0.
In contrast, for imprinting genes, especially H19 and NNAT, SCNT blastocysts both with and without TSA treatment showed expression levels higher than those of in vivo blastocysts; however, the expression levels of PEG1, another imprinting gene, were similar among groups (Figure 2c, d, and e).
NNAT is appropriate for students from diverse cultural and language backgrounds, including students whose school performance may be poor because of limited proficiency in English and gifted and talented students who are either non-English speakers or are just learning English.
The three instruments administered to the young students were the BBCS-R as a measure of verbal comprehension and concept development, the NNAT as a measure of nonverbal spatial reasoning, and the CAB-T as a teacher rating of students' adaptive and maladaptive behaviors.
Both of the students who were dropped were very bright and capable; one got a stanine of 9 on the NNAT.
A multiple criteria approach that included a dynamic administration of the NNAT was used by Lidz and Macrine (2001) to increase a school's gifted identification rate of underrepresented population from 1% to 5%, a number more consistent with the rate of the district as a whole.
The average NNAT stanine of students selected for the program was above average (M = 6.