NNCBNational Narcotics Control Bureau (Republic of Maldives)
NNCBNephrology Nursing Certification Board (now Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission)
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65 hectare of NNCB, the operation of open cast mining was undertaken only in 39.
73 lakh was accrued to APMDTCL in last five years through the open cast coal mining from the NNCB.
The extraction of coal in NNCB was awarded to the National Mining Ltd.
There was no violation of Coal Mines (Nationalization) Act, 1973 while extraction and marketing of coal in the said coal block as the NNCB was allotted to the Arunachal Government for commercial use and accordingly marketing of coal was done by the APMDTCL on the basis of grade of coal duly certified by the North East Institute of Science and Technology, Jorhat.
We are committed to working with NNCB to help them further leverage their strong brand and marketing strengths as well as deepen their customer relationships.
By selecting Edify's EWF, NNCB can leverage the software's web, speech recognition, electronic banking and SMART Options capabilities to manage customer interactions.
NNCB was formed in 1991 to allow Nordstrom credit services to keep pace with the expansion plans of Nordstrom, Inc.