NNCCNational Network for Child Care
NNCCNational Nursing Centers Consortium
NNCCNephrology Nursing Certification Commission
NNCCNational Network Control Center (FAA)
NNCCNational Newcomers' Council of Canada
NNCCNational Networks Communication Corporation
NNCCNational Network of Creditors' Counsel, Incorporated
NNCCNational Narcotics Control Commission of China (Ministry of Public Security; Beijing, China; also seen as NNCCC)
NNCCNature's Natural Collective Care (Reseda, CA)
NNCCNewton Networks Communication Centre (United Kingdom)
NNCCNational Node Coordinating Committee (Canada)
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Turn right (south) at the NNCC sign and look for directional signs at the far south end of the facility.
Before testing began, the NNCC project manager and a local hepatitis C expert trained clinic personnel on HCV disease etiology, effects, and testing goals.
Department of Veterans Affairs, called Vet-to-Vet, has now come on the yard, with volunteers from the University Veterans Coalition and the community facilitating peer process groups among the elderly veterans at NNCC.
Christina Esperat from Texas Tech University, and the current Chair of NNCC, explored the establishment of academic nurse-managed health centres in the United States, beginning in the 1970s when central government provided start-up funding for such centres.
CCRR), located in Carson City, to process the material into a form capable of use at NNCC.
In 2016, NNCC formulated and distributed its "Work Plan on Community-based Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation, 2016-2020" to further the development of a community-based drug treatment and recovery system.
Although we used a different sample in our study, this finding is consistent with an NNCC survey of patients receiving hemodialysis treatments performed by PCTs (NNCC, 2012).
NNCC is essentially the state's medical prison because it encompasses the only inmate hospital (Regional Medical Facility), houses a majority of Nevada's mentally ill inmates and houses most of the physically infirm inmates.
At the same time, Standard & Poor's withdrew its financial strength ratings on the following NNCC affiliates: American Professionals Insurance Co.
Fifteen former wild horses and one burro, from herd management areas located on BLM-administered public lands in Nevada, California and Oregon, were trained for approximately four months by inmate trainers in the NNCC program and offered during a competitive-bid adoption.
According to the NNCC, opiates are still the most abused drugs in China.