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NNDNico Nico Douga (Japanese website)
NNDNeonatal Death
NNDNet News Daily (news website; UK)
NNDNo Normal Defense
NNDNuma Numa Dance (Gary Brolsma)
NNDNational Number Dialing
NNDNew and Nonofficial Drugs
NNDNumismática Notafilia Diamantino
NNDNational Nut Day
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Swimming may help white rockfish juveniles maintain stable NND under lowest light intensity (0.
The NND and SA have been referred to as indices of the density of individual fish and the orderliness of a fish school (Masuda, 2006; Miyazaki et al.
The NND (absolute value in millimeters) of white trevally juveniles in a previous experiment was 15.
05) pH value in NND compared with the other two N sources (Table 3).
Nitrate and nitrite disappeared from the culture fluid of NND by 24 h of incubation (Table 4).
The concentration of added nitrate in the NND incubations was 7.