NNDCNational Nuclear Data Center (BNL)
NNDCNorth Norfolk District Council (UK)
NNDCNew Nigeria Development Company
NNDCNorth Northamptonshire Development Company (UK)
NNDCNational Naval Dental Center
NNDCNational Nutrient Databank Conference (annual conference)
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Furthermore, the experiment compares NNDC, DIRECT, LEACH and EADC in the following 3 indexes: 1 the energy consumption of the rings in the network; 2 when the first dead node appears, what the nodes' residual energy rate in each ring would be like; 3 network lifetime period.
Through simulation, we have compared NNDC, EADC, DIRECT and LEACH on such performances as energy consumption, nodes' residual energy rate when the first node dies and network lifetime.
14, NNDC deploys more nodes in those regions with more energy consumptions and makes nodes take turn to work, so the energy consumptions in every ring is lowest.
It is shown that NNDC can best ensure balanced energy consumption in every ring.
16 gives the comparison of network energy efficiency of DIRECT, LEACH, EADC and NNDC in a default network environment.
17 gives the comparison of network lifetime of DIRECT, LEACH, EADC and NNDC under different network radius.
Because many of the dentist at NNDC Bethesda are in their residencies, the staff sees a wide range of dental deformities.
But the NNDC was established to galvanise the economy of the North, what has it done since inception to arrest the slide?
But NNDC began to lose track especially with the Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) and the collapse of the textile industry which could not compete with Chinese textiles and also because cotton became expensive for the local textile industries and they began to use synthetic materials and these industries were not designed for such materials.
Many died because they could not reinvent themselves to dovetail into the modern trend, but initially, NNDC did a lot of tremendous good work for the North, the first Merchant Bank, Stock Exchange was established by the NNDC but it caught up with the wild wind and, therefore, could not continue again.
NNDC, where I retired as a deputy general manager, is a private sector while public sector includes my stint as the Secretary to the Government of Plateau State.