NNDSNational Network of Digital Schools (Beaver, PA)
NNDSNorsk Nettverk for Down Syndrom (Norway)
NNDSNorthern Nevada Dental Society (Reno, NV)
NNDSNational Neighborhood Data System (National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership)
NNDSNearest Neighbor in Delay Space (algorithm)
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Without the NNDS donation, we can't create programs like this, which develop a love of reading and a positive learning culture," she said.
Clements said NNDS is ramping up its commitments to organizations like BCET, because they emphasize the value of investing in students early.
Additionally, NNDS is will make a donation to two other clients - the Midland Borough School District and Prima Learning Center.
NNDS is the developer and exclusive provider of Lincoln Interactive, the nation's premier online curriculum, taught in schools in 16 states.
About NNDS and Lincoln Interactive: The National Network of Digital Schools (NNDS) is a 501(c)3 non-profit management foundation, dedicated to providing the highest quality K-12 online curriculum and comprehensive management services to traditional brick and mortar schools, charter schools and cyber schools focused on expanding educational opportunities for students.
NNDS, through their online schools and curriculum, provide children throughout the country with a similar opportunity, the opportunity to get the best education regardless of where they live, how they learn or their socioeconomic status.
Bryan Bown, Director of Client Services for NNDS said, "UMPS CARE Charities is an outstanding organization with a unique cause and we are proud to work with them to provide our students with a rare and memorable night at the ballpark.
Each NNDS innovation center will offer lively and intimate online/digital learning applications and experiences in brick-and-mortar settings in which students can go far beyond traditional learning methods by exploring a virtually-unlimited and e-powered range of subjects under the guidance of master teachers from around the world.
Joseph will lease the former academy building to NNDS.
As part of their expansion into Florida, NNDS will create "The Florida Cyber Program", a vibrant community of students and teachers who use and teach with Lincoln Interactive curriculum.
The primary purpose of the conference was for client educators and NNDS staff to get to know each other and share information, said Jane Price, president of the NNDS-affiliated Avanti Management Group.
Relying solely on donated funds from organizations like NNDS and SlateXP to operate, UMPS CARE Charities helps children coping with cancer and other serious illness, as well as children from single parent households or those awaiting adoption, by providing them with a unique way to participate in the world of Major League baseball.