NNESNon-Native English Speaker
NNESNational Nuclear Energy Series
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We especially emphasized that when working with NNES students, consultants needed to be aware that NNES students can be vulnerable because of the multi-layered obstacles they are likely coping with in a new academic discourse.
Participants' reflections revealed that the TESOL and writing center studies scholarship extended their knowledge about NNES writers and their learning styles.
As Martha Davis Patton notes in a 2011 article on resources for NNES students at the University of Missouri, "a network of robust services" is required to support this expanding group of writers--including a writing center, a writing program with sections designed for NNES students, a WAC program, and an international student affairs office.
Research Question 1 was concerned with the criteria used by NES and NNES teachers in rating the speech act of refusal produced by EFL learners.
Two examples of this criterion derived from NES and NNES rating comments are given below.
In Thonus's study of 12 tutorials, 6 NNES and 6 NES, she found that a feature of successful sessions was the agreement between tutor and student on the diagnoses of the problem early in the tutorial session ("Tutor and Student").
Specifically regarding writers' language backgrounds, do some concerns preoccupy NNES writers more than NES writers and vice versa?
He organized in June 2006 the Energy Security Study Group, the results of which underpin the NNES.
As a result of such a global geopolitical climate, the NNES stresses that Japan must increase its corporations' investment capabilities, particularly within the energy sector.
2) What can network-based instruction offer to NNES both in language learning and in learning other subject matter?
Going against practice--especially in tutorials with NNES students--seems to be the cause of guilt and frustration in our center and in others.