NNEWHNational Network on Environments & Women's Health
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Sex, Gender and Chemicals: Factoring Women into Canada's Chemicals Management Plan (2011), report published by NNEWH about the federal government's Chemicals Management Plan (CMP), and how it is not doing enough to prevent Canadians, especially women, from chronic low-dose exposures to toxic substances: www.
Believing that women have not only a historical and spiritual relationships with water, as well as potentially different effects on their health, the researchers developing the website decided to further the discussion on women and Canadian water policy by creating a central online location for information on the topic, featuring research from NNEWH, the Women's Health Contribution Program, and key outside sources.
In summer 2010 NNEWH will release the next volume in the Women & Water in Canada series on the gendered implications of chronic exposures to pharmaceuticals and disinfection by-products.