NNFENaval Netwar FORCEnet Enterprise
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Providing the technical ability to foster international relationships has been the common aim of the NNFE and Team SPAWAR.
I am not sure we have found that same single fleet-driven metric here in the NNFE and that is the Holy Grail that I am trying to figure out along with a lot of other smart people.
The conference was co-sponsored by the NNFE and the San Diego Chapter of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA).
Smith: Our next step has started with the eager support of the senior NNFE leadership.
CHIPS: Recently I received an article from SPAWAR headquarters that talked about the NNFE looking at C4I as a total package because there is more than one organization in the Navy involved in delivering C4I capabilities.
While other enterprises can lay claim to "Aircraft Ready for Tasking" or "Ships Ready for Tasking," the challenges are perhaps greater for the NNFE because C4I capability spans virtually all platforms in the Navy.
The problem is further complicated by the fact that the NNFE is not the sole provider of C4I capability within the Navy--a situation the NNFE would like to change.
Team SPAWAR is taking the lead sharing this information with the NNFE.
In addition to enhancing networking at sea between and among likely coalition partners, this effort has the potential to also help Team SPAWAR and the NNFE provide the analytical underpinning to determine "what a pound of C4ISR is worth.
We are marching down the path to fully support the NNFE," said Rear Adm.
Without the NNFE, these are areas we may not have been able to go into because it was out of our lane.
With the advent of NNFE, it became clear that using the term "SPAWAR Enterprise" would likely cause confusion among government and industry partners, academia and the fleet.