NNFINon-Normed Fit Index (statistics)
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95 [menor que o igual a] NNFI [menor que o igual a] 1] y [0.
SRMR'nin 0,10'dan kucuk olmasi, CFI, NNFI degerlerinin 0,90'a esit ya da ustunde olmasi, AGFI'nin 0,80'e esit ya da ustunde olmasi, GFI degerinin 0,85'e esit ya da ustunde olmasi uyumun oldugunu gosterir (28, 29).
01, and the differences in CFI and NNFI were higher than -0.
Os resultados obtidos foram [chi square] = 260,141 e 129 graus de liberdade, um CMIN/ DF de 2,01, os valores de CFI (0,923) e NNFI (0,909) indicam um bom ajustamento ja que sao valores proximos da unidade.
Considering the theoretical ground of the PANAS schedule, the correlation between PA and NA latent variables, and the cut-off values in RMSEA, SRMR, CFI and NNFI, we identified model 2c as the best fitting model.
Model fitting was the last part of the study that employed Chi-square test, Root Mean Square Error of Approximation or RMSEA (absolute fit index), and two incremental fit indexes: comparative fit index or CFI and the non-normed fit index or NNFI.
The indices GFI, CFI, NNFI, and RMSEA of the full mediation model indicated better adaptability than the direct effect model.
Another fit index, the non-normed fit index (NNFI)), was used to assess model fit; the NNFI assesses a penalty for adding additional parameters to the model.
l p-valor [ji al cuadrado] GFI Segundo Orden (S-B) MET 31 0,0172 49,883 0,948 Modelo Estimado AGFI BB NFI BB NNFI R-CFI RMSEA Segundo Orden MET 0,908 0,932 0,960 0,972 0,058 Tabla VIII.
Alan yazinda GFI, AGFI, NFI, NNFI ve CFI degerlerinin 0,90 civarinda ve uzerinde, RMSEA ve RMR degerlerinin ise 0,10'dan dusuk cikmasi modelin gercek verilerle uyumu icin birer olcut olarak kabul edilmektedir (45,50,51,52,53).
Incremental fit measures, such as NFI, NNFI, CFI, which compare hypothesized model to a null or independence model, took values higher than the lower threshold of 0.