NNHSNational Nursing Home Survey
NNHSNewton North High School
NNHSNaperville North High School (Illinois)
NNHSNewport News High School
NNHSNational Nutrition and Health Survey (various locations)
NNHSNorthern Nevada Home Schools, Inc. (est. 1984)
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sup][30] In line with NNHS 2002, [sup][19] our study showed a low intake of Vitamin A among Chinese urban women.
It is also similar to what has been reported at the China NNHS 2002 (12.
The 2004 NNHS was performed for a four-month period.
The literature reviewed was inconsistent with the analysis conducted on the 2004 NNHS data.
While the 1997 (and more recent) MCBS mirror the NHC regarding data collection instruments, the MCBS is a person-based sample rather than a facility-based sample (the NNHS, IPC, and NHC all have facility-based samples).
Also, the NHE definition of a freestanding nursing home is broader when compared with the NHC and NNHS.
Among the 1,174 facilities in the NNHS, 81 were omitted because they had no information on either the NHA's experience or education level, yielding 1,093 cases on NHAs.
Expenditures Nursing Home NNHS residents adjusted by increase by sex Expenditures and age 1985-1990.
While the presence of individuals in the NNHS sample who are not truly new admissions but were readmitted from a hospital may account for some of the observed difference, it is clear that the NHC population is not perfectly representative of the nation.
National Medical Expenditure Survey (NMES) and NLTCS for community populations; NNHS, NMES, and NLTCS for institutional populations).
In addition to the company s financial contribution, Molex employees have volunteered to serve as engineering mentors, sharing real-world business experience and technical expertise with the NNHS students throughout the robotics competition season.
NNHS data for New York showed that 41 percent of all patients had entered a nursing home from the hospital in 1977.