NNHSNational Nursing Home Survey
NNHSNewton North High School
NNHSNaperville North High School (Illinois)
NNHSNewport News High School
NNHSNational Nutrition and Health Survey (various locations)
NNHSNorthern Nevada Home Schools, Inc. (est. 1984)
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The literature reviewed was inconsistent with the analysis conducted on the 2004 NNHS data.
The NNHS study in 1999 and 2004 used similar methods for data collection, hence a similar output.
Individuals from the study in 1999 and 2004 NNHS survey financed their nursing home fees though self-pay and Medicaid.
As the fastest-growing club at NNHS, the Huskie Robotics team each year attracts a diverse and talented group of students.
Also, the NHE definition of a freestanding nursing home is broader when compared with the NHC and NNHS.
While the NNHS, MCBS, and NHE all provide more recent expenditure data, the IPC and NHC are unparalleled in their level of detail, and ability to link nursing home care use and payments to specific survey respondents.
Among the 1,174 facilities in the NNHS, 81 were omitted because they had no information on either the NHA's experience or education level, yielding 1,093 cases on NHAs.
Expenditures Nursing Home NNHS residents adjusted by increase by sex Expenditures and age 1985-1990.
While the presence of individuals in the NNHS sample who are not truly new admissions but were readmitted from a hospital may account for some of the observed difference, it is clear that the NHC population is not perfectly representative of the nation.
Also, using the 1985 NNHS and excluding Medicaid admissions, Sekscenski (1987) reported that during a given nursing home stay 9.
This was nearly identical to the proportion of residents whose prior living arrangement was a hospital, as reported in the California data from the 1977 NNHS survey (42 percent).
Liu and Manton (1984) used the NNHS national sample of discharges from 1976 to construct a synthetic cohort of nursing home entrants and employed life-table methods to estimate rates of discharge from the nursing home by length of stay for this hypothetical cohort.