NNMCNational Naval Medical Center (Bethesda, MD, USA)
NNMCNorthern Navajo Medical Center (New Mexico)
NNMCNorthern Nevada Medical Center
NNMCNigerian Newsprint Manufacturing Company
NNMCNavi Mumbai Municipal Corporation
NNMCNorthern Nevada Mathematics Council
NNMCNational Network Monitoring Centre (UK)
NNMCNepal National Marwadi Council
NNMCNeural-network embedded Monte Carlo
NNMCNorthern Nevada Muslim Community
NNMCNational Nutrition Month Campaign
NNMCNational Maritime Museum Cornwall (UK)
NNMCNoord Nederlandsche Motorclub
NNMCNeural-Network Models of Cognition
NNMCNew National Music Conservatory
NNMCNokie's Northwest Music Celebration
NNMCNATO Network Management Center
NNMCNational Native Ministries Committee (Canada)
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It will stand as the model for future years in recognizing and thanking nurses at NNMC.
In my time at NNMC, I have worked in several different settings with different patient populations: outpatient surgery, general surgery, primary care, and staff education.
Several Navy flag officers who took the time to help me prepare for my job at NNMC told me that I would not understand the Navy culture without appreciating the significance of isolated command at sea.
These plans included (1) video teleconferences between the managing team at NNMC and the rehabilitation team at the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center (HHMVAMC) in Richmond, Virginia; (2) video teleconferences between the patient's wife and the rehabilitation team at HHMVAMC; and (3) a visit to HHMVAMC by the patient's wife.
Today, NNMC has more than 500 employees and 400 physicians on staff.
Michael Hendee, chief of staff for NICoE, added that the facility will fit well with the service integration efforts at NNMC, particularly in terms of manning.
NIH includes the nation's premier medical research facilities, while NNMC is considered the flagship of the United States military's system of medical centers, treating members of the uniformed services and senior government officials.
As an RCC, I listen to what a Marine wants, find out what their goal is and then help them achieve that goal," said Kassie Claughton, a Marine Corps RCC at NNMC.
For many of the NNMC sailors, the change in missions meant turning around and going back home.
A team of 50 EMCOR technicians will be stationed on-site to perform facilities work at NNMC, one of the primary treatment centers for wounded military returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.
Maria Mouratidis, a neuropsychologist and subject matter expert at NNMC, where she helped develop operational-related stress and brain injury programs.