NNMINonlinear Normal Mode Initialization (weather prediction)
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President's NNMI proposal calls for the establishment of up to 15
The proposed NNMI seeks, in part, to bridge the innovation gap
The industrial commons concept is a key component of all of the NNMI hubs.
The seeds for ALMMII's Corktown facility and its outreach to industry and academia were planted in 2012 when the Obama Administration used existing Department of Defense spending authority to create the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute in Youngstown, Ohio, as a pilot NNMI center.
ME: How does NNMI differ from other federal research programs?
The NNMI and agency-led MIIs are industry-driven public-private partnerships focused on advancing manufacturing for specific technology sectors.
One critical step towards securing our leadership in advanced manufacturing is President Obamas National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, or NNMI.
The Modular Chemical Process Intensification Institute the fourth led by the Energy Department within the NNMI represents a critical step in the Administrations effort to double U.
This legislation authorized the NNMI and was signed into law by President Obama in December 2014.
The NNMI institutes will serve as regional hubs of manufacturing innovation, and will be known as world-class centers for applied research, technology incubation, and commercialization.