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NNNNNear Northwest Neighborhood Network
NNNNNearest Neighbor News Network
NNNNNurture New York’s Nature, Inc.
NNNNNational Newspaper News Network
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This once problem property is now a home thanks to the power of partnership," said Eliud Medina, NNNN Executive Director.
The process began when the DOH selected NNNN to participate in its Pilot Preservation Program in West Humboldt.
NNNN partnered with NHS Redevelopment Corporation to acquire, rehab and sell single-family homes to low- and moderate-income buyers.
NHS is pleased to partner with NNNN and the Department of Housing," said Bruce Gottschall.
NNNN President Fukashi Kiyosawa said he is demanding that Nepal create an environment in which NGOs like the network can conduct activities with their counterparts in Nepal safely and effectively.