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NNPNeonatal Nurse Practitioner
NNPNew National Party
NNPNet National Product
NNPNorman Network Protection (data security)
NNPNational Nutrition Program (UK)
NNPNew Nationalist Party (Great Britain)
NNPNeural Network Processor
NNPNo Needed Parts
NNPNeue Nationale Partei
NNPNorthwest Novelty Products (founded in 1998, sells advertising specialties and promotional products)
NNPNice Nil Partner (spades)
NNPNieuwe Nationale Party
NNPNoise Normalized Power
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Since 2010, NNP has seen its budget cut by 40%, which has meant its staff being reduced from 80 to 50.
It may be mentioned here that the NNP and TR was recommended by Zhasa when he was Conservator of Forests in 2005 and he asked UNESCO to nominate it as a World Heritage Biodiversity Site.
By the end of September 2012, Nicaragua's NNP Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program reached 14,717 new students from 108 public schools.
Mr Andrews, who will today launch the NNP at Ynystawe Primary School in Swansea, said: "Improving levels of numeracy is a key commitment in our Programme for Government.
In parliamentary elections on June 20, 1995, the NNP won eight seats and formed a government headed by Keith Mitchell.
Table 1: Penn Treebank II tagset (partial list) POS Description Example Tag CC coordinating conjunction and, or, but CD cardinal number 1, third DT determiner a, the FW foreign word d'hoevre IN preposition/subordinating in, of, like, from conjunction JJ adjective green NN noun, singular table NNP proper noun, singular John NNPS proper noun, plural Vikings NNS noun plural tables PRP personal pronoun I, he, it, himself, his RB adverb however, usually, naturally, here, good VBG verb, gerund/present participle taking VBN verb, past participle taken VBP verb, sing.
The ChefsBest Award reinforces our promise to provide high quality great-tasting products," says Kate Jones, vice president of NNP.
McGrath, RN, PhD, NNP, NP, is an associate professor in the School of Nursing at Virginia Commonwealth University.
A Buddhist is represented in NNP as arguing that cognition is impermanent because the cognition of yellow is different from the cognition of blue, and Ramakantha replies that just as one cognition at one time can illuminate different objects, one cognition at different times can illuminate different objects.
NNP candidates are standing in addition to BNP and in some cases National Front candidates in several key wards, including King-standing, Oscott, Tyburn and Shard End - a move likely to split the far-right vote.
The NNP is a splinter of former BNP members, including Sharon Ebanks who was a Kingstanding BNP councillor for a month last year before the election vote was declared void following a miscount.