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NNSNASCAR Nationwide Series
NNSNewport News Shipbuilding
NNSNational Numeracy Strategy
NNSNorfolk Naval Shipyard (Portsmouth, VA)
NNSNon-Native Speaking
NNSNewhouse News Service
NNSNetwork Node Server (Cisco)
NNSNew Neoclassical Synthesis (economics)
NNSNoNameScript (gaming)
NNSNational Natality Survey
NNSNational Nutritional Survey
NNSNeighborhood Nuclear Superiority (Michael Nesmith)
NNSNon-Nerve Sparing
NNSNantucket New School (Nantucket, MA)
NNSNetwork Name Services (Nortel)
NNSNmap Network Scanning (open source utility; Nmap Security Scanner)
NNSNorthern Neck Solutions, Inc (Kilmarnock, VA)
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Using the NNS integrally stiffened cylinder (ISC) process, a barrel section was fabricated in a single step that formed the cylinder and its stiffeners.
Due to a serious injury while racing Late Models in 2004, Clements did not return to the NNS until 2007 and ran part time through 2010.
Table 1: Penn Treebank II tagset (partial list) POS Description Example Tag CC coordinating conjunction and, or, but CD cardinal number 1, third DT determiner a, the FW foreign word d'hoevre IN preposition/subordinating in, of, like, from conjunction JJ adjective green NN noun, singular table NNP proper noun, singular John NNPS proper noun, plural Vikings NNS noun plural tables PRP personal pronoun I, he, it, himself, his RB adverb however, usually, naturally, here, good VBG verb, gerund/present participle taking VBN verb, past participle taken VBP verb, sing.
The NNS framework inherits intertemporal optimization, rational expectations, and a real business cycle (RBC) core from the classical side, and monopolistic competition, nominal price rigidities, and a prominent role for monetary stabilization policy from the Keynesian side.
Highlights of the FHP include: Six credentials for Sailors to view a NNS race from the team pit area, with two Sailors serving as team honorary pit crew members; pre-race garage tours; placement of the command name on the race car; potential autograph signing with the team driver, and more.
Do NNS students appreciate such a strategy or do concerns for politeness obscure the intended feedback for these students?
This is well illustrated by the poor iron and zinc intake recorded in the 1995 NNS for women aged 19-29 years who were low meat consumers.
institutions was designed, first, to provide the NNS from the University of New Hampshire (UNH) with opportunities to use the target language outside the classroom, and second, to grant the NSs from George Mason University (GMU) in Virginia, experience using online technologies as part of the requirements for their course.
Ackaway notes that NNS typically makes 10,000 to 11,000 changes to its voice configuration each year, as it adds, drops and moves 17,000 employees and contractors around the campus of 550 buildings.
For this analysis, we have isolated one segment which illustrates the development and resolution of an uncomfortable moment, looking at it from the perspective of the NNS of English.
In NNS turning, the relationship between machining time and loading time is stood on its head.
As part of that transaction, NNS needed to transition its supplier collaboration activities to a new electronic tool.