NNSENon-Native Speaker of English
NNSENostrum NoC Simulation Environment
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Finally, this media representation of NNSE identity tells us that language-learners lack competence or ambition for personal and professional mobility.
First, NNSEs cast in supporting roles reflect an acceptable position in social hierarchy.
To demonstrate other uses for the results of the assessment, findings for each category on the NNSES from class 7 are presented in Table 2.
The NNSES measures an important outcome of continuing education.
The NNSES allowed us to examine changes in self-efficacy for nurse-interns in three ways.
Second, the NNSES was used to examine the confidence of nurses within major categories of neuroscience nursing skills.
Completing the NNSES also gives nurses an opportunity to assess their perceptions about their nursing swills and to compare their confidence in performing each swill.