NNSRNotification of New Substances Regulations (United Kingdom)
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The PSD and NNSR permitting rules apply to projects where the increase in emissions from the project is expected to exceed certain thresholds.
In many instances it is possible to avoid review under the PSD and NNSR rules by demonstrating that a project is not a "major modification" using various tools in the rules including: comparisons of "actual to projected actual emissions"; netting, wherein the benefits of recent or concurrent emission reductions offset increases; or by applying more effective emission controls.
Is the facility (existing or new) a major source under the PSD or NNSR rule?
For both PSD and NNSR permits, either EPA itself or a state
Both the NNSR and PSD NSR programs require permitting agencies to
permitting authorities have some duty under NNSR and PSD NSR to consider