NNSSNavy Navigation Satellite System
NNSSNevada National Security Site (US Department of Energy)
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Zerbo on his first visit to NNSS and to show him how our former nuclear explosive test site has been transformed into a key resource that supports nonproliferation, arms control, emergency response, and environmental activities as well as the stewardship of the U.
He also saw how the Stockpile Stewardship Program has allowed the United States to maintain its stockpile without nuclear explosive tests since 1992, and learned about current nuclear explosion monitoring and verification efforts at NNSS.
Zerbo also discussed the progress being made as NNSA prepares to host OSI trainees and CTBTO experts in May 2016 at NNSS, an activity designed to enrich the training and experience of CTBTO on-site inspector trainees by providing controlled access to a former nuclear explosive test site.
A Thorn in their Side by Hilda's nephew Robert Green (his wife Kate Dewes, is a leading New Zealand international peace/anti-nuclear campaigner), points the finger squarely at the role of the British NNSS and its MI5/MI6 secret security services in Hilda's murder.
Consequently, the British NNSS unleashed a toxic campaign against its more radical citizen critics in the peace and anti-nuclear movements.