NNTTNational Native Title Tribunal (Australia)
NNTTNational New Technology Telescope (now James Clerk Maxwell Telescope; astronomical observation)
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government, has approved long-range plans to build the NNTT on Mauna Kea on the island of Hawaii.
Furthermore, experience with it would help in the final design of the NNTT.
To align the mirrors properly to form acommon image, the NNTT will use a system designed by Beckers that illustrates a technological application of interferometry.
Now the planners have decided tomake the NNTT a research interferometer as well as a light gatherer.
The NNTT with its close-packed square array will give good u, v plane coverage, Beckers says.
If NNTT development goes as planned, the 4-meter mirror should be ready by the middle of 1988, so DEEPS could start to work somewhere in the early 1990s.
As operator, the Company has submitted to the NNTT a comprehensive work program (including the shooting of a 500 line km 2D seismic survey) during 2013 - refer to Figure 1.
Following the NNTT decision, the finalisation of the formal grant of 5/07-8EP by the Minister and the WA Department of Mines and Petroleum ("DMP") is expected to occur shortly thereafter.
The plan, as it has evolved since 1984 when NOAO decided that the NNTT should be a multiple-mirror telescope, envisions four mirrors, each of 7.
Earlier concepts of the NNTT had generally foreseen a larger number of smaller mirrors, but recent progress in spin-casting of large mirrors, pioneered by Roger Angel of the University of Arizona in Tucson (SN: 2/16/85, p.
169) continue as responsibility for mediation has moved to and fro between the Federal Court and the NNTT (CNT, p.
59); permit the states and territories to act simultaneously as arbiters and negotiators making 'judicial' decisions as to whether native title exists and who the native title holders are before agreeing to enter into mediations; and permit NNTT members, not always appointed on the basis of their mediation expertise despite the fact that this is their core business (CNT, p.