NO-NSAIDNitric Oxide-releasing Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug
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Overall, NicOx' NO-NSAIDs to date have been evaluated in clinical studies with over 300 human subjects and have been demonstrated to be safe and well tolerated.
HCT-3012 is the lead compound in the series of NO-NSAIDs licensed by NicOx to AstraZeneca for development as new drugs to treat pain and inflammation.
AstraZeneca has a worldwide exclusive license (except in Japan) for the development and commercialisation of NicOx 's selected NO-NSAIDs for the treatment of pain and rheumatoid inflammatory disorders.
2 /PRNewswire/ -- NicOx SA today announced the signing of a licensing agreement with the Swedish pharmaceutical company, Astra AB, whereby Astra will gain development and marketing rights for NicOx's investigational NO-NSAIDS (nitric oxide-releasing nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).