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NOANintendo Of America
NOANational Observatory of Athens (Athens, Greece)
NOANotice Of Availability
NOANotice of Award
NOANotice of Acceptance (Miami-Dade County Building Code Compliance Office)
NOANotice of Action
NOANoroeste Argentino (Spanish: Argentine North West Region)
NOANotice of Assessment
NOANaturally Occurring Asbestos
NOANone of the Above (Wristwatch Brand)
NOANature Of Action
NOANotice of Allowance (US Patent and Trademark Office)
NOANotice of Arrival (US Coast Guard)
NOANet Operating Assets
NOANorth Atlantic Oscillation
NOANumber of Attributes
NOANational Optometric Association
NOANatural Ontological Attitude (philosophy)
NOANonobstructive Azoospermia
NOANature of Address (Cisco)
NOANational Onion Association
NOANew Obligation Authority
NOANotice of Assignment
NOANew Orleans Arena
NOANotification of Personnel Action
NOANebraska Optometric Association
NOANintendo of Australia
NOANew Obligational Authority
NOANorwegians of America (gaming clan)
NOANavy Open Architecture (US Navy)
NOANot Otherwise Authorized
NOANorthwest Orient Airlines
NOANevada Optometric Association
NOANotice of Adjustment
NOANetwork Outsourcing Association
NOANetwork Optical Access (Digital Lightwave)
NOANotify on Arrival
NOANaval Operating Areas
NOANational Operational Agency (Germany)
NOANational Oceanography Association
NOANetworked Office Appliance (Ricoh)
NOANon-Operating Aircraft
NOANational Obituary Archive (Jonesboro, AR)
NOANotification of Award (various organizations)
NOANational Orientation Agency (Nigeria)
References in classic literature ?
Viaburi, you fetch 'm one fella Noa Noah along me," she commanded.
Will you kindly allow me to send your boy for Noa Noah?
I tell thee noa," answered he loudly, "d--n me if there is a thing upon earth I would not do to see thee happy.
Conectys' CEO, Arnold Cobbaert, took the opportunity to thank the multilingual teams in the company's four locations worldwide: "It is our great pleasure to accept this distinguished NOA award for the second year running.
But now smiling Noa is the picture of health after pioneering surgeons were able to repair his heart using parts from a cow.
Surgeons operated on Noa when he was just a few days old, using "both human and bovine parts", medics said.
The next project Ivana Noa is busy with is about the award winning Iraqi-Belgian theatre and film director Mokhallad Rasem.
Apparently, a major point of the novel is the juxtaposition of Noa and Marlene and their motivations.
Like the narrators in recent best-sellers Gone Girl and The Dinner, Noa is endlessly complex and impossible to trust.
The NOA comes after nearly six years of effort and the expenditure of millions of dollars in technology on behalf of the company's shareholders.
Work on the NOA has been so swift that the first of many courses in sports organisation and management will be conducted there from April 3-5.
Diddy and her rumoured new man William Levy cannot hold a candle to Ojani Noa.