NOACCNorthern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce
NOACCNorthwestern Ontario Associated Chamber of Commerce (est. 1931; Canada)
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By going the event route," added NOACC president Nathan Lawrence, "what it allows us to do is build engagement with members a couple of times a year on very topics that are important to them, but not overburden them by throwing another organization into the mix of what's already in play (with other groups) that are fostering this particular industry"
Speaking to the writer, Co-Chair Barry Streib envisaged a series of annual conferences, Streib, President of NOACC, said, "In our next phase, I'd like to see a more global perspective.
NOACC feels grateful to Fednor and Crupi Consulting Group for their support in concluding the study.
NOMA in conjunction with NOACC will take the initial lead utilizing an expanded NOMA Energy Committee as the vehicle for implementation of the recommendations.
I think that given the economic reality of the day, the regional political leadership felt that Northwestern Ontario could get more done in a shorter period of time by focussing specifically on the task at hand by using regional organizations such as NOMA and NOACC that have credibility with the province and have achieved demonstrable results in the past.
Unfortunately the withdrawal of financial support to businesses in these communities is causing businesses to close or never start," the NOACC article states.
NOACC claimed that the administrative cost of investing in remote Northern communities was too high.
NOACC looked for ways northerners could help themselves, and found the answer in a Manitoba-based grow bonds initiative.
It's the same session in each community," Jon Christianson, the NOACC president, says.
The government of Ontario is looking at transportation policy, and the federal government is foot dragging on it," said NOACC president Hugh Syrja of Dryden.