NOCSNational Oceanography Centre, Southampton (UK)
NOCSNetworks-On-Chip (International Symposium)
NOCSNucleo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza (Italian National Police High-Risk Intervention Unit)
NOCSNetwork Operations Center System
NOCSNorden Graduate School for the Construction Sector
NOCSNevada Office of Community Services
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Senior leaders in NOCs should signal the importance of behaviours that support exploration - such as cross-disciplinary teaming, entrepreneurship, and open communication, and highlight people who exhibit these qualities," advised Chehade.
We see that the algae are indeed special in Gulf corals, but in a way that we did not expect," said Dr Joerg Wiedenmann, head of the Coral Reef Laboratory at NOCS.
The storm and subsequent closing of the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet made it uncertain whether we could keep operations in New Orleans open," said NOCS President and CEO Mark Blanchard.
The report provides in-depth analysis of the role of key NOCs of India, South Korea, China and Thailand in ensuring domestic energy security.
But China's NOCs lack the technology and operational expertise to develop them.
NOCs to prepare to compete on world markets and even among themselves, IEA
Nagravision's N ASC and NOCS requirements contribute to the protection of the entire CAS in order to avoid the traditional and future piracy threats.
The main NOC in the Middle East are investing $29 bn in oil and gas industries this year, despite ongoing concerns about oil demand.
However, a worker can join another company without a ban if he/she gets a signed NoC from his/her sponsor.
Since NOC managements were provided summaries of the interviews and given a chance to comment prior to the book's publication, the resulting picture of each of these companies has been shaped by the NOCs themselves.
PDVSA Sells LPG To Ecuador: The state-owned NOCs of Venezuela and Ecuador in mid-2003 signed an agreement under which Ecuador will start to import Venezuelan LPG from January 2004 at the rate of 250,000 tons every six months.
They include notes from the keynote and dinner speeches by prominent practitioners and academics as well as papers from sessions, including those on NoC design case studies, technology and circuit techniques, system architecture, verification, debugging, routing and topology, reconfigurable NoCs, CAD and methodology for NoCs and NoC mapping and simulation.