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NOCTINational Occupational Competency Testing Institute
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NOCTI (National Occupational Competency Testing Institute) assessments are designed for people like Alice, who have vocational-technical skills that cannot be evaluated by other tests.
Founded in 1966, NOCTI provides curricular and instructional improvement tools for secondary and post‐secondary institutions.
Most programs selected the 21st Century Skills for Workplace Success test developed by NOCTI, but Precision Exams' 21st Century Success Skills Assessment was also used successfully.
NOCTI (mandatory for Pennsylvania CTE students) maintains a SkillBadge Locker that houses student end-of-program competencies.
The second in a three-part series from NOCTI on the first-year CTE teaching experience, this book goes deeper into topics essential for the new (and veteran) CTE teacher.
NOCTI--Your First Year in CTE: 10 Things to Know, the second publication with NOCTI in as many years, is a fresh "quick-start" guide for those teachers new to the CTE classroom.
The Credential Corner is anchored by ACTE partner NOCTI, as well as other organizations that can demonstrate to you how to use assessment data to show a return on investment.
Participants who successfully complete the CORE-101 course are awarded a microcredential (online badge) from the NOCTI SkillsBadge Locker.
Philadelphia has been reviewing NOCTI longitudinal data in an effort to analyze the growth in student competency in particular industry clusters.
ACTE and NOCTI have released a new publication titled Tour First Year in CTE: 10 Things to Know.
ACTE and NOCTI have released the must-have publication for new CTE teachers: Your First year in CTE: 10 Things In know.