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NODALNetwork-Oriented Document Abstraction Language
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Forewings translucent with veins yellowish green, nodal line and sutural margins suffused with grey zones, formed a reverse Y-shaped, tips of spines on hind tibiae and tarsi black.
The age reported in the literature for presentation of nodal hemangiomas varies, ranging from 4.
A parametrial or nodal boost of 10-15 Gy was possible in cases of parametrial involvement with insufficient regression at the time of brachytherapy or in those with pelvic node involvement on initial imaging, said Dr.
Aerial stems and rhizomes collected for study were cut into nodal and internodal segments and preserved in 50% ethanol.
Our deep market expertise and extensive nodal market experience with other ISOs have enabled Ventyx to reach this milestone, and we are ready to execute and deliver on a proven model better suited to support ERCOT's advanced nodal market.
Several groups have reported outcomes for patients with metastatic or unresectable disease treated with postchemotherapy radical cystectomy and regional nodal dissection.
In vertebrates, a set of genes tells the body it has to form a heart toward one side, and nodal is one of those genes," Nature magazine quoted Grande, who recently took a position at the Centro de BiologAia Molecular "Severo Ochoa" in Madrid, Spain, as saying.
GOTEBORG, SWEDEN -- Eliminating nodal disease in cervical cancer patients with positive pelvic and paraaortic positive lymph nodes failed to improve survival in a prospective 24-patient phase II study.
Next, a nodal junction matrix will be built, which defines the elements of the structure.