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NODALNetwork-Oriented Document Abstraction Language
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Considering the variability of SA nodal artery and its susceptibility to injury during surgery, we decided to investigate the anatomy of the artery in normal human hearts.
These participants were randomly assigned to immediate-completion node dissection (971 patients) or nodal observation (931 patients).
The procedure not only was highly accurate in identifying nodal disease but it also had acceptable adverse events.
Nodal Exchange is a regulated derivatives exchange that offers over 1,000 electric power and natural gas contracts on hundreds of locations allowing market participants to hedge against price risks in the United States.
Performing END in clinically N0 stage may be an aggressive option while missing nodal spread will lead to increased mortality8.
BC cases were stratified by tumor size (T1, 5 cm) 3,13 and nodal status ('0' LN; '1-3' LN; '>3' LN).
SC asks MEA to appoint nodal officer to ensure coordination with Iraq for securing release of 39 Indians
For resectable tumours with nodal spread and involving Muscularis Propria, there is enough evidence3 to support Neoadjuvant chemo radiation either with or without adjuvant treatment.
Next, hybrid interpolations of nodal displacements and curvatures are introduced in Section 4.
The purpose of our study is to give the inverse problem of recovering the potential function for the fractional diffusion differential equation by using nodal datas Hald and McLaughlin (1989).
In case of detection of counterfeit notes of 5 or more pieces in a single transaction, "the counterfeit notes should be forwarded by the Nodal Bank Officer to the local police authorities or the Nodal Police Station for investigation by filing FIR".