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NODENew Oxford Dictionary of English
NODENew Orientations for Democracy in Europe (Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture)
NODENetworked, Open, Distributed Events (media arts organization; London, England, UK)
NODENetwork for Ontario Distance Educators (est. 1996; Canada)
NODENational Open Development Environment (University of Kent; UK)
NODENursing Outreach and Distance Education (University of Missouri-Columbia; Sinclair School of Nursing; Columbia, MO)
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14) Recently, Koren and colleagues introduced a "lymph node revealing solution" (LNRS) as an inexpensive and non-toxic solution that can be readily used in routine pathologic practice.
The source node S sends out Packet 1 without any overhead except 2-b of flag indicating the packet type.
All information regarding NodePay money supply is always available in the NODE blockchain: balances can be easily verified and used in real time.
In the presence of node mobility, the network topology changes dynamically with time - leading to frequent tree reconfigurations.
There are instances where a swollen lymph node manifests as a skin infection or redness and a swollen node can be felt on the chest area," said Dr Shahjahan.
Jiang et al [8] propose the efficient route broadcast algorithm to restrict flooding in the light of Euclidean distance, it uses the fewer forwarding node to cover the more nodes in the network.
Among the node-positive patients, 131 (15%) had 10 or fewer nodes removed, 320 (37%) had 11-20 nodes removed, 236 (27%) had 21-30 nodes removed, and 186 (21%) had more than 30 nodes removed.
Patients with T1 and T2 breast cancers had localisation of the sentinel node by both the blue dye and radioisotope techniques.
1-4) We present a case of papillary thyroid carcinoma in a branchial cyst that metastasized to a lymph node in a patient whose normally situated thyroid was free of disease.
agreed that lymph node resection does reflect surgical quality.
0625) for each terminal node (column H) corresponds to four successive movements in the stock price.
The study suggests that sentinel node biopsy is an option that might benefit all women with breast cancer," contends David W.