NODMNew Onset Diabetes Mellitus (transplantation)
NODMNorth Olympic Discovery Marathon
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Thus far, NODM has had only limited success in meeting its social business objectives.
We specifically highlight two egregious examples in the British instance, because it is the bad-publicity fallout from these two cases that forms the backdrop for the type of alliance that the British Home Office has entered into with NODM.
Representatives of the British Home Office, from their High Commission in Kingston, Jamaica, approached the leaders of NODM in 2012-2013 with the following (nearly verbatim) proposition:
If you, NODM, can provide a welcoming, "come-on-down" face to fellow miscreants being held in our prisons and detention centers, their resistance to coming back to Jamaica should decrease.
In like manner, NODM signed on--also for contractual guarantees--to help take off British hands a class of like (themselves) "undesirables.
Odds are that these deportations will continue whether NODM works with the British government or not.
Funds received from the UK have enabled NODM to initiate a range of key reintegrative steps, stages, and strategies, which, together, seek to convey the central message that, "You can restart life in Jamaica.
More effective, we contend, is the postmodern approach that NODM and its backers aspire to, in which "intercessors" craft, *with the stigmatized and socially unemployable, a new form of capitalism.
Jenssen and his colleagues found that among the patients with NODM who were not treated with hypoglycemic therapy, those who were treated with tacrolimus tended to have lower secretion than did those treated with cyclosporine.
Among patients treated with cyclosporine, those who developed NODM or impaired fasting glucose at the end of the 6-month trial had taken a significantly higher cumulative dose of corticosteroids than had those without either condition (3,320 mg vs.
A multivariate analysis showed that the cumulative corticosteroid dose was a risk factor for the development of NODM or impaired fasting glucose in the cyclosporine arm of the study.
Corticosteroid doses were not changed in patients who were diagnosed with NODM or impaired fasting glucose, so the difference in cumulative corticosteroid doses between the groups cannot be attributed to physician decisions to reduce the dose after diagnosis more in one treatment group, Dr.