NODMNew Onset Diabetes Mellitus (transplantation)
NODMNorth Olympic Discovery Marathon
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Patients Elevated Magnesium Drug with NODM Triglycerides (6 months) Tacrolimus 16.
Secondary endpoints examined clinical and laboratory parameters such as kidney function, electrolytes, neurological effects, NODM and lipid parameters.
A significantly higher percentage of patients who received tacrolimus later developed NODM (10%, 27 of 266) than did those who received cyclosporine (Neoral) (4%, 10 of 261).
Tacrolimus) suggested that the higher rate of NODM in tacrolimus-treated patients may result from less insulin secretion, not from differences in insulin sensitivity.
At 6 months after kidney transplantation, significantly more patients who received tacrolimus (34%, 96 of 286) had developed NODM or impaired fasting glucose than did those who received cyclosporine (26%, 73 of 281), reported Dr.
Jenssen and his colleagues found that among the patients with NODM who were not treated with hypoglycemic therapy, those who were treated with tacrolimus tended to have lower secretion than did those treated with cyclosporine.
Among patients treated with cyclosporine, those who developed NODM or impaired fasting glucose at the end of the 6-month trial had taken a significantly higher cumulative dose of corticosteroids than had those without either condition (3,320 mg vs.