NOECNo Observed Effect Concentration (toxicology)
NOECNorwegian Outdoor Exploration Center (Park City, UT)
NOECNakoda Oyade Education Centre (Sintaluta, SK, Canada)
NOECNationview Outdoor Education Centre
NOECNormal Oropharyngeal Epithelial Cell
NOECNormal Operating Exhaust Capacity (building codes ventilation)
NOECNorthern Ontario Energy Credit (Ontario, Canada)
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coli showed that the concentration range for 50% elimination and NOEC is between zero to 181.
05 mg/L did not cause any growth reduction in any of the bacterial species (the results have not been shown), but according to the Probit analysis this rate was estimated zero and because NOEC results are mainly used for toxicity determination (and not anti bacterial use), this difference in the results of real concentration and the Probit analysis results show increase in the confidence score of Probit analysis for analysis of the results related to chemical toxicity.
In contrast, the NOEC represents a minority of isolates across taxa whose MIC values are sometimes below the MIC range representative of the wild-type population; we used the NOEC as a means to assess the lower limit of antibiotic sensitivity represented in the MIC distributions.
50] and NOEC vectors of each antibiotic were resampled 5,000 times.
The LOEC and NOEC levels for algal supernatant were different in the third test from the first two tests conducted.
The LOEC and NOEC determined for Virkon S for Aquaculture in both tests conducted was 0.
Table 2: Results of Biotest R (%) NOEC ([micro]M) EC25 (%) LOEC([micro]M) Bifenazate 80 10 20,64 40 Indoxacarbe 80 10 15,84 20
i] homeostasis Fluctuation NOEC Percent cells Frequency Duration showing fluctuations BDE-47 20 -- 2 2 6-OH-BDE-47 0.
1981) was used to develop a NOEC of 1500 mg Cu/kg soil (a cumulative pollutant loading of 2900 kg Cu/ha) using earthworms (Eisenia foetida) as the receptor species.
In light of recent studies demonstrating endocrine disruption at concentrations below NOAELs or NOECs (Cavieres et al.
We were able to show that significant mixture effects occurred when the chemicals were mixed at levels equal to 50% of their individual NOEC.
below the NOECs of o,p'-DDT, p,p'-DDE, and [Beta]-HCH, but higher than the NOEC of p,p'-DDT, although the effects of p,p'-DDT were small in this range.