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NOELNo Observable Effect Level (toxicology)
NOELNational Organization of Episcopalians for Life
NOELNorthern Ontario Education Leaders (Ontario, Canada)
NOELNo Observable/Observed Effect Level (animal tests)
NOELNational Organisation for E-Learning (Australia)
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lt;B Noel Gallagher of Oasis performs at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium in 2009
Insiders claimed Noel and Alan had both agreed a deal to begin work on the show.
Insiders said Noel and Alan have both agreed a deal to begin work on the show.
Noel is sharp, witty and acts as the perfect foil for Alan's crazier moments.
Aware of the Filipinos' love for basketball, Noel felt he had to experience it himself.
His latest digging has also unearthed a white, British man living in Coventry who also has the same date of birth as Noel, who it is believed may have changed his name post-1991.
Noel chose to support HollybanK Trust, a local charity based in Mirfield which supports children and adults with learning difficulties.
Even though Noel offers a thorough and comprehensive history of North Bay and its surroundings, her text is not without fault.
At the height of Britpop Noel married Meg Matthews, then a queen bee on the London scene.
Noel has strong links to the city from early collaborations with the Real People and Digsy to later work with The Coral, Howard Eliott Payne and Sixteen Tonnes.
Noel lodged a 14-page document with London's High Court branding his brother "spiteful and childish".
In it, 44-year-old songwriter Noel charts the bitter breakdown of his relationship - both professional and personal - with 39-year-old Liam.