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NOELNo Observable Effect Level (toxicology)
NOELNational Organization of Episcopalians for Life
NOELNorthern Ontario Education Leaders (Ontario, Canada)
NOELNo Observable/Observed Effect Level (animal tests)
NOELNational Organisation for E-Learning (Australia)
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In the past Noel, 47, has labelled Liam "crazy" and said he is making "a f***ing mess" of his personal life.
Paul's efforts over the last four years has led him to believe that Noel could be in the Coventry area as the Department for Work and Pensions received a benefit claim from Noel from a homeless hostel in the city in 1988.
Noel Music Management (NMM) launched in November 2013 with funding from the Start Up Loans Scheme
An onlooker said: "Everyone has got used to seeing Noel in his cab.
The inclusion of maps and charts to break down statistics is one of the book's strongest features as Noel establishes the text's historical context.
Liam and Noel like a fight but the only person they won't row with is their mum.
At the height of Britpop Noel married Meg Matthews, then a queen bee on the London scene.
Noel lodged a 14-page document with London's High Court branding his brother "spiteful and childish".
Noel has strong links to the city from early collaborations with the Real People and Digsy to later work with The Coral, Howard Eliott Payne and Sixteen Tonnes.
According to reports, Liam and Noel Gallagher have been told to end their current feud in the wake of Noel's upcoming wedding.
Sir Noel, prolific playwright, actor and wit, was known to all in the theatre as The Master.
Noel and his wife, Deborah (Moreau) Noel, of Charlton, Paula I.