NOEMNew Open Economy Macroeconomics (body of literature)
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Whereas noems provide the tools for the analysis of a concept, conceptual categories are used for a broad classification.
In the case of the noun milk with the noems in (2), the conceptual category is SUBSTANCE.
At the semantic level, a selection of noems is converted into semes.
The information about milk in the noems in (2) is not all encoded in structures such as (11).
This concerns both the hierarchy of conceptual categories and the way the information expressed in noems is organized.
NOEMS selected the LIFENET System for its ability to provide EMS and hospital care teams with tools for quick, reliable access to critical patient and device data, resulting in improved patient care, ongoing process improvement, and greater operational efficiency.
NOEMS serves the city by operating between 10 to 12 advanced life support units at peak hours.