NOESYNuclear Overhauser Effect Spectroscopy (2D NMR method used to map NOE correlations between protons within a molecule)
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The structures were elucidated by the extensive use of sophisticated spectroscopic techniques (1HNMR, 13C-NMR, HMQC, HMBC, 1H-1H COSY, NOESY, EIMS, HREIMS, and IR).
The relative stereochemistry of compound 5 was investigated through a NOESY experiment.
1]H NOESY spectra for the host-guest complexes prepared by rotor mixing was recorded in Fig.
A significantly expanded section on 2D NMR spectroscopy focusing on COSY, NOESY and CH-Correlation
13]C)-HMBC, and NOESY correlation was used to elucidate its structure.
13]C, H-H-COSY, DEPT, HMBC, HMQC y NOESY, Los espectros de masas de alta resolucion se realizaron en la Universidad de California, se utilizo un equipo Agilent 6210 LCTOP.
Takes a strong pedagogical approach, starting with quarks and nucleons, and moving on to cover NMR imaging, COSY and NOESY
2]OH were also deduced by the NOESY correction of H-2 with H-4 and H-10, H-28 with H-26, H-25 and H-30 (Fig.
Por otro lado, segun las correlaciones H-9b [flecha diestra y siniestra] H-7 [flecha diestra y siniestra] H-8' [flecha diestra y siniestra] H-7' observadas en el espectro NOESY, quedo establecido que el grupo trimetoxifenilo, el carbonilo lactonico y el grupo hidroxilo estan ubicados en posicion [alfa].
75) in the NOESY spectrum implying that the hydroxymethyl carbon is a-oriented (C-23).
Experimental study on metabonomics of coronary heart disease myocardial ischemia of blood stasis syndrome based on the NOESY pulse NMR.