NOFEARNotification and Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002
NOFEARNational Organization for European American Rights
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I find the group's title intriguing, because NOFEAR is built on fear and blame.
The NOFEAR flyers distributed on campus warn that "unless European Americans organize and act soon, America will become a 'Third World' country--that is, European Americans will become outnumbered and totally vulnerable to the political control of blacks and other non-Whites.
According to the NOFEAR flyers, European-American interests are opposed by both government and media, because ethnic minorities such as Blacks, Mexicans and Jews have organized effective special interest groups.
Pollman said he saw no reason for Meramec to hold forums or town hall meetings on campus to inform students about the nature of such groups as NOFEAR.
Louis Chapter on NOFEAR, recently ran for Missouri governor on the Reform Party ticket.
Keller was the first speaker at a NOFEAR meeting in February at the Stratford Inn in Fenton.
The handbills recently distributed by NOFEAR sound the alarm bells for "White Americans In St.
Karen Aroesty, regional director of the Missouri/Illinois Anti-Defamation League (ADL), said NOFEAR has grown to 26 chapters in 17 states.
She said the appearance of NOFEAR could be viewed as a setback that needs to be addressed.