NOFFNew Orleans Fly Fishers (est. 1984; New Orleans, LA)
NOFFNeck of Femur Fracture
NOFFNet Operating Funds Flow
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The program, Ted Noffs Foundation's Program for Adolescent Life Management (PALM), is a residential program for adolescents (aged 14 to 18 years) who are experiencing alcohol and/or other drug-related difficulties.
a) Research Officer, Ted Noffs Foundation, Randwick, NSW Australia.
Feedback in response to NOFFS has been encouraging, said Lisa Sexauer, fitness, sports and deployed forces support program manager for Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC).
NOFFS will get even better; improvements will be released in phases that will add functionality and overall appeal, according to Sexauer.
The exercises used in the NOFFS product are designed to replicate the activities Sailors conduct in their operational duties.
NOFFS is a system that gives the Sailor the education and tools needed to instill lifelong habits that will improve both health and performance through proper fueling.
For more information about the NOFFS program, visit www.
NOFFS will be a component of the education track that will be required by more than 6,000 CFLs and ACFLs Navywide by the end of 2010.
NOFFS addresses the two most common detractors that Sailors face while exercising during deployments, and in group settings; confined spaces and limited equipment.
The complaint alleges the following occurred at various times from 1992 to early 2000 when Noffs was terminated:
Ryan is seeking a strict accounting of all LEC funds that Noffs and Yehudah received, including those passed through FORUM; the repayment of all misappropriated funds; civil penalties of $50,000 for each violation of charitable law and punitive damages.