NOFMANational Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association (Memphis, Tennessee)
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If the recommended NOFMA protocols are followed (see the earlier "Application" section)--with applying the coating immediately after sanding the bare wood and routine sanding/screening after each coat--grain raising is not an issue.
Just as NOFMA certification of solid wood floors has traditionally been a mark of high quality, this certification of engineered wood flooring provides consumers with the knowledge that they have purchased flooring that has met high standards in its production and that they have made a wise purchase," Plaster said.
Engineered flooring products by Triangle Pacific will now be certified by NOFMA and will be inspected according to NOFMA standards and procedures.
NOFMA President Jon Smith, president of Smith Flooring of Mountain View, Missouri, said that consumers will benefit most from the decision to include certification standards for engineered flooring manufacturers.
The addition of engineered flooring standards will ensure that consumers who now opt for engineered flooring can receive the same benefits as consumers who choose traditional hardwood flooring -- consistency in grading, milling techniques, installation and quality assurance through NOFMA certification," Smith said.
In addition to tracking trends, NOFMA works to make sure that standards are upheld in the wood flooring industry.
9 percent respectively in 2004 and 2003, according to NOFMA.
Timm Locke, executive vice president of NOFMA, said 2005 "was really good" for most of the association's 30 manufacturing members.
Locke said he is hearing more NOFMA members express concern over increased competition from abroad, especially with solid hardwood products imported from Southeast Asia and South America.
Hardwood Federation, which is comprised of about 30 trade groups, including NOFMA, is Lobbying the International Trade Commission to enhance the tracking capability of foreign species and products being imported into the United States.
Along with the name change, NOFMA has updated its logo, as well as that of its sister organization, now known as the Wood Flooring Institute -- formerly the Oak Flooring Institute.
While no action has been taken to broaden the scope of NOFMA membership, Stan Elberg, NOFMA executive vice president, said, "Our new name leaves the door open for any changes we might want to make regarding who we represent.