NOFXNegative FX (band)
NOFXNo Effects
NOFXNo Freaking Straight Edge (polite form)
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So the covers include tracks from the Dead Kennedys (the title track "Short Songs"), NOFX ("It's My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite") and the Descendents ("Coffee Mug").
BRILLIANT NOFX This performance suffered from a few timing issues and LTJ weren't the tightest I have seen them, but the crowd loved it and the set list gave me an enjoyable blast from my teenage years.
Known for hating the media and generally not caring what people think, nobody was under any illusion of what NOFX were going to put out at this gig.
Consider the following idealistic--not nihilistic--statement by Punkvoter founder Fat Mike in the liner notes of the first volume of the Rock Against Bush compilation album, after a whole lot of ranting about the President: "The good news is, we actually have the power to change America's--and the world's--future," writes the NOFX rocker, sounding like Howard Dean.
NOFX told fans they had not been in Scotland for four years because they can't understand a word anybody says - but they got away with the crack.
They've toured with the likes of MxPx, Blink 182, NOFX, Social Distortion, Zebrahead, Good Riddance, Unwritten Law, No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, The Vandals, Dance Hall Crashers, Nerf Herder, Fenix TX, and Madd Caddies.
En el evento se presentaran tambien Bad Religion, Rancid, NOFX, Specials, Pletasters, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Bouncing Souls, Strung Out, Save Ferris, MXPX, Living End, Incubus, Skank-A-Tiers, Apocalypse Hoboken, y otros.
3, All-American Rejects, Bad Religion, blink-182, Katy Perry, NOFX, Rise Against and Many More
So this guy Tom, who had a motorcycle and played guitar, came over and the only thing I listened to in the world was Nirvana and NOFX at the time.
Fat Mike, Fat Wreck Chords founder, NOFX lead singer and Sly's friend, also released a statement.
Citing Erik Sanden of NOFX as his favorite drummer, Sabat has been in various bands since high school including Fruit Scurvy Cure with his brother.
30pm, The Glee Club, The Arcadian, Birmingham 0871 472 0400; NOFX / Snuff / The Flatliners / Section 13: 6pm, O2 Academy, Dale End, Birmingham 0844 477 2000; Original Bands Night: Hollybush, Newtown Lane, Cradley Heath 0794 959 4484; 444 Club: The Rainbow, Digbeth; The Legatos / I Am A Monster - Kill Me / Dennis / The Coyotes: Actress and Bishop, Ludgate Hill, Birmingham 0121 236 7426; The Leonards / Freelance Mourners / The Lates / The Deafout: O2 Academy 3, Dale End, Birmingham 0844 477 2000; Inme: 7pm, Barfly, High St, Digbeth 0121 633 8311; Red Lox and The Borrowed Men: The Gate, Sutton Coldfield; Camera Obscura: 7.