NOGAPNorthern Oil and Gas Action Plan
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To achieve its purpose, NOGAP project will integrate different systems in a single multifunction robot:
Because the NOGAP study group was unfamiliar with the dangers of traveling and camping near the coast, Jimmy felt obliged to pass this information on to us.
We would like to express our appreciation to the NOGAP team: Doug Sieberg, Mary O'Brien, Rick Pearson, Fiona McLaughlin, Dave Paton, Darren Tuele, and Janet Barwell-Clarke.
Using aerial photography for site survey in Arctic Canada: The Lancaster Sound NOGAP Study.
2008) overall improvement in 32% of 38 forecasts using the Met Office (UKMO) system; for ECMWF, forecasts of mean sea level pressure were improved (by at least 10%) in 24% of all cases; NOGAPS FSO showed the highest impact per observation by targeted dropwindsondes ECMWF studies Removing targeted Buizza et al.
CTT, MODIS 11-[micro]m temperature, AMSR-E 89-GHz temperature, and NOGAPS surface temperature are plotted in Fig.
Data source Description AMSR-E AMSR-E levels 2A and 2B matched to the CS footprint CS 2B-GEOPROF Cloud geometric profile product CS 2B-GEOPROF-lidar 2B-GEOPROF and CALIOP lidar- correlated observations CS 2B-CLDCLASS Eight types of clouds CS 2B-CWC CS cloud and IWC CS 2C-RAIN-PROFILE and Estimate of surface precipitation CS 2C-PRECIP-COLUMN from CS CPR reflectivity profiles and temperature and humidity data from ECMWF auxiliary dataset CS 2B-FLXHR Flux and heating rates from estimates of ice and water content CS 2B-TAU Cloud optical properties CS MOD-AUX MODIS products matched to the CS footprint NoGAPS 0.
The FNMOC-GEFS consists of 80 NOGAPS perturbed members at T159L42 resolution, run for 6-h forecasts, used to produce the perturbations for the next cycle.