NOHFCNorthern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (Government of Ontario, Canada)
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Fort Severn Chief Joseph Crowe said, NOHFC funding of this groundbreaking infrastructure will help our community reduce dependence on fossil fuels, leading to cost savings and new economic opportunities .
The NOHFC is celebrating its 25th anniversary under the theme, The NOHFC @ 25: Proud past, Strong future.
Since 2003, the NOHFC has funded more than 5,400 projects, creating or retaining more than 22,100 jobs in Northern Ontario.
Since 2005, the NOHFC has provided more than $50 million to more than 80 film and television projects.
NOHFC has also introduced a program for event partnerships.
NOHFC provided $100,000 for support infrastructure.
There are businesses that would love to apply to NOHFC and be able to get grants and loans to grow their business but not have to create any employment," Strapp said following the forum.
Strapp said NOHFC is always looking at its programs and there may be agricultural programs in the future that look at wealth creation.
The NOHFC funding enables us to accommodate the technical staff needed to support these sales and continued growth," he said in a news release.
The project has already received first-stage funding approval from FedNor and the NOHFC, and Infrastructure Ontario has offered the city $4 million in debt financing.
Graham said NOHFC funding is key in the development of products such as the liner, as are developing industry partnerships.
We are very pleased with the support we received from the NOHFC and in particular with the guidance and support of their staff," Kilganan president Byron Turner said in a news release.