NOICNational Organization of Internet Commerce
NOICNotice of Intent to Cancel (EPA)
NOICNorthern Ohio Investment Company (Sylvania, OH)
NOICNaval Operational Intelligence Center (US Navy)
NOICNotice of Informal Complaint
NOICNational Organizations of Information and Communications
NOICNational Oceanographic Instrumental Center
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With the way costs are going this is hard to predict, and if you tie down an agreement with NOIC and costs go through the roof, then the project is going to look fairly ugly.
On 5 October 1943, NOIC Port Moresby signalled Navy Office with a recommendation that the telegraphists be mobilised.
Since all AWA telegraphists had already been enrolled at this time, the Secretary's signal to the NOICs was obviously a "tidying up of loose ends" exercise.
The next problem that arose for the NOICs was the status of AWA telegraphists as "returned men" on transfer out of the operational area.
The NOIC is selected as one of four lenders nationally to pilot this initiative.
This new initiative between Fannie Mae and NOIC will help make the dream of home ownership a reality for many working families," said Mayor Finkbeiner.
NOIC and LWIC together irrigate approximately 32,600ha of Otago farmland and the collective signifies the interests of irrigation entities in the lower Waitaki catchment with a total irrigated area of 75,000ha.
NOIC chief executive Robyn Wells said that it was all about working collaboratively on implementation of the new rules, and LWIC chairman Chris Dennison said the farming community on the lower Waitaki plains looked forward to working to protect the high standard of water quality in the Waitaki plains aquifers.