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I will be forced to wear a Ghirardelli chocolate patch on my upper arm that will slowly feed me the chocolate noids I need while preventing the fattening parts from collecting around my mid-section.
25th birthday, the NOID has enjoyed many years of relaxation since becoming a celebrity in his own right following his first of many appearances in a Domino's commercial back in 1986.
05 noid - % of drinkers at college that report alcohol can be obtained at off campus bar, campus pub, or liquor store without ID, respondent excluded 0.
Juba Justinus Marter, Irenaus ja Hippolytus vaitsid, et gnoosise rajajaks on samaarlane Siimon Noid ja jarelikult parineb ka gnostiline hikumine Samaariast.
Preliminary structure calculations suggest that CB1-E2 in SDS contains a well-defined turn that includes the CSXXFP sequence shared by the cannabi noid receptors and several orphan receptors.
While on the road, Maiffret joined a gang called Noid, whose members across the U.