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NOLNet Operating Loss
NOLNeptune Orient Lines (container shipping company)
NOLNew Orleans, Louisiana
NOLNaval Ordnance Laboratory
NOLNokia Operator Logo
NOLNotice of Loss
NOLNow or Later
NOLNew Orleans International Airport
NOLNano-Oxide Layer (magnetics)
NOLNot on List
NOLNetscape Online (ISP)
NOLNo Operators License
NOLNotice of Litigation (law)
NOLNormal Operating Loss
NOLNokia Logo Manager Format (filename extension synonymous with NLM)
NOLNormal Overload
NOLNo Objection Letter
NOLNature of Leadership (Venturing Leadership Skills Course; Boy Scouts of America)
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Speculation that NOL, whose main operating entity is APL, has been looking for a suitor has been increasing since it declared a Q3 loss of $96 million, in comparison to an aggregate loss of $23 million in Q3 of 2014.
At first, the allowable NOL carryback percentage will vary.
172(c) and (d) define an NOL as the excess of allowable deductions over gross income, with specified modifications.
Based on these data, TIGTA estimates that the IRS could pay $334 million in avoidable interest payments over the next five years if it does not start processing all NOL cases within the time limit.
NOL said deteriorating conditions in the global economy weakened trade demand and continued to put pressure on freight rates, while higher fuel prices affected operating costs.
NOL is short for "net operating loss," and business owners may be eligible to claim it on their federal tax return in a year that their business costs and expenses exceed their business income.
The new procedure modifies the old one so that an eligible small-business owner may file a Form 1045, Form 1139 or an amended tax return that carries back the NOL for three, four, or five years.
An NOL simply means that your taxable business deductions exceed your business income for the year.
As Congress works to complete this important legislation, we ask consideration of these comments, specifically that provisions be added to the bill that would: (1) add a five-year, or at least a three-year carryback, of NOLs similar to previously passed legislation; and, (2) clarify that neither FICA or FUTA taxes, nor Federal income tax withholding, need be imposed upon either the exercise of an option or the disposition of the related stock.
To manage a global business of the size and complexity of the NOL Group, we need an extensive, secure and reliable communications infrastructure, which also helps us deliver greater operational efficiency and cost savings," said Choy Peng Wu, Group Chief Information Officer of NOL.
This discount would cover all types of personalised NOL blue cards, which is now issued at a rate of Dh35 (instead of Dh70), and the personalised NOL gold card, which is now issued at a cost of Dh45 (instead of Dh80)," said Khalid Al Awadi, Director of Automated Fare Collection, RTA.
The Automated Fare Collection Systems Department of RTA's Corporate Technical Support Services Sector announced a 50 per cent discount on the fees of issuing NOL cards.